Exhibition:LIT! | Artweek Auckland

  • Edith Amituanai, Chris Charteris, Asinate Moa, Raymond Sagapolutele, Siliga David Setoga, Salome Tanuvasa, Matavai Taulangau, Shane Tuihalangingie


    Bledisloe Lane

    7 October – 15 October 2017
    Central Auckland






    Exhibition Details



    Tautai Trust invited eight artists to provide two images each to inhabit the wonderful 2m x 1m lightboxes which will stand like beacons in Bledisloe Lane during Artweek.



    The artists, who all have pacific heritage, work in a range of media and the work they show will shine a light on the world they live in.  The photographers include both people and places, some may be famililar others not so; there is a contemporary type face putting a new slant on things, a sculptor, a printmaker and also drawings with a difference. We invite you to take a stroll through the Lane.



    Funded by Auckland Council and delivered in partnership with TAUTAI and Artweek Auckland.



    Image: Graphic Designer / Asinate Moa, Tuhulu (typeface), Matala’I ‘akau (Flower Grid)